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Some Important Things to know about ....

These things defined here are taken from my previous blogs to make the clear understanding of what they actually are.
YOUR MIND AS NIRANJAN Kal does not usually manifest in the lower worlds except as individual  mind. He can be seen as himself by those who are coming from above, but not by those who come from below. As far as the individual is concerned, the Negative Power is his mind and his mind is the Negative Power.

KAL TROUBLE THSE JIVAS The mind is the sower, the soul the reaper. This is the supreme trick of Kal, the essence of the illusion of Maya: the mind appears to the individual to be its most integral part, but in fact it is not a part of the individual at all. It is only along for the ride.

* THREE GUNAS The three gunas or qualities (sattva, rajas and tamas) are the abstractions of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, as the next few lines make clear; sattva is the quality or mode of Peace and Balance, rajas of Activity, and tamas of Inertia. The lower creation is formed by Time using the impact of the three gunas on the five tattwas or elements-neither of which is eternal, hence its inevitable destruction: it was created by Time and will end in Time. What is eternal is the "Seed of Life," and that does not end in Time.

SECRET OF MY EXISTENCE If no one knows of the existence of the Negative Power, then his actions will be ascribed to the Positive Power, as indeed they often are. Kal's disappearance is tied up with his injunction two lines below: the most efficient way for him to prevent the worship of Sat Purush is to pre-empt it for himself, by allowing people to think he is Sat Purush. This is a pivotal point, and one of the main keys to the meaning,

WIND Not physical wind, but a mental force which brings into manifestation that which is latent. There is a humorous allusion to the practice of pranayam, or holding and exhaling the breath forcefully, as is done in some yoga systems. Kal of course does not exactly have any breath, but this is the equivalent of it.

NIRANJAN CURSES ADHYA Kal as Dharam Rai - the Lord of Law - not only gives the Law, but also dispenses Justice within its framework. In this aspect he is scrupulously fair. Here he turns Adhya's curse on Gayatri back on her own head, which is fulfilled when she incarnates as
Draupadi in the time of the Mahabharata War and marries the five Pandava brothers simultaneously.

TRICK PLAYED BY THE WOMAN  That is, she allows Brahma's mistaken identification of Sat Purush with Kal to stand, and does not inform him of the existence of the True God even though she knows about it.

FOUR YUGAS One time-cycle or maha yuga-the Sat, Treta, Dwapar and Kali Yugas in succession - which is followed by pralaya or dissolution, in which all forms from the causal downward are withdrawn into the higher planes.

4 Khani's of Creation :

EGG-BORN Andaj; birds, reptiles, etc. Includes all animals where birth takes place within a fixed time of conception, from eggs laid by the mother.

SEED-BORNU ttbhul or asthavar; the immovable creation. Includes all plants.

MOISTURE-BORN Setaj or ushmaj: the lower forms of animal life whose birth, while it may be from eggs, is the result of external stimuli, such as the change of seasons, increase of moisture, etc. Invertebrates.

Jeraj or pindaj, animals whose young are born alive from the womb and are nourished by the mother. Mammals, including human beings.

Man is biologically a mammal; the difference between him and the other mammals-the spiritual dimension-is due to the presence of the fifth element, akash (usually translated as "sky") which is non-physical.

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