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The Fall of Kal

In this way many days passed and after that this happened: Dharam Rai played this way: Standing on one foot he did the devotion of Sat Purush for seventy yugas and pleased Him.He did a very difficult devotion-that is why Sat Purush was pleased.

The Word of Sat Purush came to him and asked: "Why have you done this devotion?"
Bowing his head Dharam Rai said, "Please give me some place where I can live."
Then he was ordered by Sat Purush, "0 Son, go to Mansarovar."

Then Dharam Rai felt much happiness in his heart and went to Mansarovar(holy pond of nectar). When he came there, again he was full of happiness. Again he remembered Sat Purush and did His devotion for seventy yugas more. He did this devotion standing on one foot, and the gracious Sat Purush felt pity for him.

Sat Purush speaks to Sahaj

When Sat Purush manifested His Words, this is what came on His lips:
"0 Sahaj, go to Dharam Rai and ask him why he has remembered Me this time. He has done a very hard practice, so I give him the place where he lives.'' (So in a moment he was given the ownership of the three worlds.) "I did this looking at his seva(Service). The dear one has received the three worlds and is happy. Now go and ask him; whatever he says, come and tell me."

Sahaj goes to Niranjan

Bowing his head, Sahaj started from there and went to Dharam Rai. Sahaj said, "Listen, my brother, Sat Purush has accepted your devotion.Now what do you want? Tell me-Sat Purush has sent this message to you."

Niranjan said to Sahaj: "0, Sahaj, my brother-go and make this request to Sat Purush: I don't like this small place. Please give me a big kingdom.In my heart I have felt such love for Him! He should bless me with a big place. He should either give me the world of the gods, or else a separate world."

Again Sahaj went to Dharam Rai and conveyed to him the orders of Sat Purush:
"Go to Kurma and ask him for what you need, bowing your head to him. When you bow down to Kurma and when he showers grace on you, then only will you get what you need."
After listening to Dharam Rai, Sahaj went to Sat Purush And conveyed Dharam Rai's request to Him.

After hearing the words of Sahaj, Sat Purush said this: "I am pleased with Dharam Rai; take this to  your heart: I have given him the three worlds, now go and tell him to develop the Void plane. 0 Sahaj, tell him to make his creation there.

What Sat Purush had told to Sahaj, he conveyed to Niranjan.

Hearing the words of Sahaj, Dharam Rai was pleased; He was happy and a little surprised. Dhararn Rai said, "Listen, dear Sahaj, how do I create the universe? The Gracious Lord has given me this Kingdom, but I don't know the way to develop it! I know nothing about the Inconceivable!-please shower grace on me and tell me Its secret; Please convey my request to Sat Purush, 0 my brother, I sacrifice myself on you: How do I create nine universes, as I have been ordered by Him? 0 my God! Give me what I need to create the universe." Then Sahaj went to Sat Lok, where he bowed to Sat Purush again and again.

Then Sahaj told Sat Purush what Dharam Rai had said; He conveyed to Him the requests that he had  made. Then Sat Purush ordered this: "Listen to my words, 0 Sahaj. All that is needed for creation are within Kurma; taking them from him, Dharam Rai should do his work. He should go to him and,  bowing his head, should ask him for what he needs.

Again Sahaj went to Dharam Rai and conveyed to him the orders of Sat Purush:
"Go to Kurma and ask him for what you need, bowing your head to him. When you bow down to Kurma and when he showers grace on you, then only will you get what you need."

Dharam Rai approached Kurma with happiness in his heart and pride in his mind. He went and stood before Kurma, but didn't greet him or salute him. But Kurma is like nectar and is happiness-giving. He didn't have any anger in him. He was cool and devoid of passion. Swollen with pride, Kal saw that Kurma was very patient and mighty.
The body of Kurma was twelve units and the mighty Dharam Rai's body was six units.
Dharam Rai walked around Kurma in anger, considering how to get the materials of creation from him. Kal attacked the heads of Kurma with his nails, and breaking his stomach, air came out. From the three heads of Kurma the dynasty of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came out.
Five elements came out, including the sky with the moon, sun and stars; they all came out of him. 

Matsya, Shesh Nag, Varah, and the pillars to support the earth came out, and in this way the creation of earth started. When Kal pulled the head of Kurma, sweat came out, When that drop of sweat spread, the earth started floating on it. As the cream lives on milk, in the same way the earth rested on

Kurrna said to Sat Purush: "Nirankar came at me with full force and manifesting his character climbed on my body: He tore my stomach and didn't obey your orders." Then Sat Purush said this to Kurma: "He is your younger brother. This is the way of the older ones: they should not pay attention to the bad qualities of the younger, and they should love them."

Hearing the words of Sat Purush, Kurma was pleased. He was the form of nectar, and remained  forever in happiness. Again Niranjan remembered Sat Purush and again for many yugas he did the devotion. But he did devotion for his self-desire, and after making the creation, he repented it:
Dharam Rai thought, "How do I develop these worlds?

Without the Seed, what do I do with the heavenly world, the mortal world, and the world below? With what do I think? How do I make the body? So, again doing devotion, I will ask for that which can put life into my three worlds." He determined to get life for the worlds, and began remembering Sat Purush. He did devotion for sixty-four yugas-standing on one foot.

Sat Purush, the Abode of Grace, was pleased with his seva. He told Sahaj, "What new thing does he ask for now? Sahaj, go to Niranjan and give him whatever he wants. Tell him to create the universe, leaving all deceptions." When Sat Purush ordered, Sahaj went to Kal, bowing his head to him; He  arrived where Kal was standing, doing his devotion. Looking at Sahaj, Dharam Rai became happy and was convinced that Sat Purush was pleased with him. Sahaj said, "Listen, 0 Dharam Rai! Now why are you doing devotion?" Bowing his head, Dharam Rai said, "Give me some place where I can dwell."
Then Sahaj said, "Listen, Dharam Rai! Sat Purush has given you everything.

Whatever came out from Kurma's stomach, Sat Purush has ordered to give to you. You have been  given the Kingdom of the three worlds! Now, without any fear, create the universe."
Then Niranjan said, "How do I create the universe? Please tell Sat Purush, folding your hands, this: 'I am Your servant and not a strange one.' Tell Sat Purush I beg Him to give me the Seed for the field of my creation. I am His servant and do not rely on any one else. Daily I remember Him. Go and tell this to Sat Purush: 'Please give me the Seed, the sign of immortality. " Again Sahaj returned to Sat Purush and told Him Niranjan's request. Then, as Sat Purush ordered, Sahaj returned home to Sat Lok, which is full of happiness. The gracious Sat Purush doesn't look at good or bad deeds-He is controlled by  service. Then Sat Purush in His Will created a female who had eight parts in her body.She had eight hands, and came and stood on the left side of Sat Purush.

Bowing her head she asked Him, "0 Sat Purush, what are Your orders for me?" Sat Purush gives the Root Seed to Adhya Then Sat Purush said this: "Daughter, go to Dharam Rai. Take hold of that which I give you, and meeting with Dharam Rai, create the universe." Then Sat Purush gave her the Seed of the jiva, Whose name is Sohang.

(There is no difference between jiva and Sohang; jiva is the essence of Sat Purush.  Sat Purush created three powers: fearlessness, consciousness of Himself, and Ulghani)

Sahaj, go to Dharam Rai and tell him, "You have been given that thing which you desired. The Root Seed has been sent to you. Now you can create the universe as you like. Go and Iive in Mansarovar, so that the universe can be created." Again Sahaj went to where Niranjan was standing in His devotion. When he told him the words of Sat Purush, Niranjan obeyed him. Hearing the word of Sat Purush, Niranjan came and settled in Mansarovar,

When he first saw the woman, Dharam Rai was pleased. Looking at Ashtangi, Dharam Rai behaved in a self-conceited manner. He said, "There is no limit to the limitless Lord." Delighted by the
beauty of that woman he looked at her. Looking at every single part of her body he became impatient,
And he swallowed the woman!
When that unjust Kal swallowed the woman, she was astonished. At once she cried for help saying, "Kal has made me his food." Then Dharam Rai came to Sahaj, who took back the plane of Void consciousness from him. Then Sat Purush remembered what had happened to Kurma: how
Kal had also attacked him to control him, And had destroyed his three heads. Sat Purush is gracious but He knows all- Knowing this character of Kal, Sat Purush cursed him.

"If you will devour one lakh jivas daily, one-and-one-quarter lakhs will be developed. Then Sat Purush thought, "How can I finish Kal? He is very dangerous and will make the souls restless. I cannot  destroy him or stop him; he is my worthless son.

If I withdraw him into myself, I will have to bring everything back.

This is my immovable Word: I will remove Kal from here. He will never be allowed to enter my region! I will keep my word."  Sat Purush sends Jogjit with orders to expel Kal from Mansarovar Sat Purush called Jogjit and made him understand the character of Dharam :
"Jogjit, go quickly and expel Kal after beating him.

Now he cannot live in Mansarovar and in this plane of Sat Lok, he must never come. In the stomach of Dharam Rai is that woman. Tell her to remember my Shabda, And to go and live in heaven, in the mortal world, and the world below, whose king is Kal. She should come out of the stomach of  Dharam Rai and she will get good fruit for this good deed. Go and tell Dharam Rai that now that  woman is his."  Bowing his head to Sat Purush, Jogjit went to Mansarovar When Kal saw him, he became very dreadful.
Kal asked him, "Why did you come here? Who has sent you here today?"
Jogjit said, "0 Dharam Rai, you have eaten that woman! And Sat Purush has ordered me to expel you from here." Jogjit asked the woman, "Why are you in his stomach? Tear it and come out!-and remember the Glory of Sat Purush!"

Hearing this, Dharam Rai burned with anger within himself, and coming before Jogjit he clashed with him. Then Jogjit remembered Sat Purush, and received His Light and Power:
Sat Purush ordered him to hit the center of Kal's forehead with full force. Jogjit did as he was ordered.

When Jogjit hit him, Dharam Rai fell down far from Sat Lok.He was afraid of Sat Purush and got up by himself. The woman came out from his stomach, and, seeing him again, became afraid.
She was in doubt and afraid of Kal. She stood-thinking-looking at the ground here and there.

Kal(Dharam Rai) said, "Listen, woman! Give up your fear of me. Sat Purush created you for me, now let us create the universe together. I am your man and you are my woman: give up your fear!"
The woman said, "Why do you talk like this? You are my elder brother! "
The woman said, "Listen, father, why do you talk like this, knowing our relation? I am your daughter now, since you put me in  your stomach! Previously you were my elder brother-now you are my father. Look at me with pure eyes, or you will be committing a sin! If you look at me with desire you will become a sinner."
Niranjan said, "Listen, Bhavani, I will tell you the truth: I am not afraid of sins and virtues, because I myself am their creator. All the sins and virtues are born from me, and from me no one will ask the account. I will spread sins and virtues, and any one who becomes entangled in them is ours.
That is why I am telling you to understand and accept my word.
Sat Purush has given you to me, Bhavani! Obey my word!"

Hearing this, the woman laughed; they agreed with each other and both of them were delighted.
She spoke attractive words in a sweet voice; she thought of having sexual relations with Dharam Rai(Kaal).

Hearing her sweet words, Dharam Rai was pleased, and he decided to perform the sexual act with her. The woman said, "I don't have a genital organ." Then Niranjan acted this way: With his nail, he  immediately cut the hole of her genital organ, and in that way the door of creation was formed.

The blood started pouring from the genital organ as it was harmed by the nail and since then the act of sexual intercourse has existed.

 Listen to the story of creation, which no man knows:

Kal indulged for three times and Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were born. Brahma is the oldest, Vishnu the second born, and Shambu the youngest.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky-all these came out from Kurma's stomach. The five elements were taken from his stomach and the three qualities came out of his head. In this way the three gunas were manifested and Dharam Rai created the universe. He mixed the elements and the gunas and gave them to the goddess, and then he created his own essence. He dropped three drops in the genital organ of the woman and three parts were created.
Five elements and three gunas were mixed: In this way the world was created.



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