Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kal Traps the Jivas

This is such a play of Kaal that not even pundits and kazis can understand it. They address Kaal as the Lord, and leaving the nectar they drink the poison. The four together created this creation and colored the jivas in their temporary color. The jiva, who has five elements and three gunas in him, knows that
with him are fourteen yamas. In this way the human body was created, then killed; and after eating it up, again it was brought into existence. Onkar is the root of the Vedas. In Onkar all the world is lost. Onkar is Niranjan, understand this. And Sat  Purush and His Naam are hidden.

Brahma gave birth to eighty-eight thousand, which were developed under the protection of Kaal. The bodies who were created by Brahma-their development also took place. And they made the Smritis, Shastras and Puranas, in which all the jivas were trapped. Brahma misleads the jivas and makes them firm in the devotion of Alakh Niranjan. Following the teachings of the Vedas all the souls were deluded and no one knew the secret of Sat Purush. 0 Dear one  , understand how Nirankar produced this drama.

First, by becoming demons, gods, rishis, munis. Then he incarnates himself as the Protector and destroys the demons. In this way he shows many dramas to the jivas Seeing which the jivas trust him: "He is our Lord and Protector." Showing the jivas his performance as the Protector, in the end he devours them. When the souls find themselves in the mouth of Kaal, then they repent.

Then Brahma made the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage, karma, sins and virtues. The twelve signs of the Zodiac, twenty-seven planets, seven days, fifteen lunar days were then made. Then the four yugas were created, and the minute, second and breathing time was estimated. The month of Kartik and Magh were considered auspicious. Few can understand this play of Kaal! Importance was given to pilgrimages and holy places, and thus the jivas do not leave illusion and recognize their own Self.
All were trapped in good and bad deeds. In this way all the souls were entangled. Jivas cannot be saved without the true Shabda(Word), and without the Essential Shabda, jivas go into the mouth of Kaal. Being afraid, people earn merits, but by their fruit their needs are not met. As long as the rope of Sat Purush is not caught, the jiva wanders in different bodies.

Kaal deludes the souls in many ways, and so the jiva doesn't find the secret of Sat Purush. The jivas are involved in greed for profit and because of their desires they are devoured by Kaal. Nobody knows the drama of Kaal! Giving them hope, Kaal makes  the souls dance. 

First listen to the tradition of Sat Yuga, in which Kaal takes the souls and eats them up. Daily he eats(Kills) one lakh souls. Kaal is a very mighty and cruel butcher. There he has a heated rock, which remains hot day and night, where he puts the jivas. Burning the jivas, he puts them to pain. Then he throws them into the cycle of eighty-four. He makes them wander in different bodies, and in this way gives them trouble. In many ways the jivas cried out that Kaal was giving them too much pain.

The Satguru said:

I am telling you now whatever Sat Purush ordered: In many ways he explained to me and told me to bring the souls back, making them remember the Shabda(Word).

The Lord gave me That Which is Latent-Understand this: the bodiless  Naam is the emancipation giver. He gave me the Authority and the sign to connect the souls with Him. Without the tongue that Sound is made; but only with the help of a perfect Master can one get it.

Five Nectars are the root of liberation-by which the going into physical wombs comes to an end. The soul who gets the Naam in this way, He told me to liberate one more generation (than the present one) of the souls who get that Naam. Such souls will go to Sat Lok by the rope of Naam and even Dharam Rai will be afraid to see them. 

Sat Purush told me, "When you make these souls your disciples, make them free from Yama;


manoj keshari said...

This post is not only details of truth incidence and importance of Naam but also an inspiration to feel and to know it individually.


agree with manoj
thanx ashok ji
and manoj ji

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